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Monk/ 29-May-2014 15:13 - gem.mid 15-Jun-2013 17:27 394 Listen Here.mid 16-Nov-2015 12:51 621 This I Dig Of You.mid 08-Dec-2017 18:17 863 I Want A Little Girl.mid 27-Jan-2016 14:18 935 What A Diffrence.mid 12-Feb-2018 09:59 1.0K Rai 3 Mo better blues.mid 11-Jun-2008 09:50 1.0K Just Squeeze Me.mid 12-Feb-2013 20:57 1.0K Five Spot Blues.mid 30-May-2014 12:49 1.1K Bags Groove.mid 01-Dec-2017 11:16 1.1K Tanga 2t.mid 03-Jul-2013 10:03 1.1K I'm Just A Lucky So And So.mid 20-Jan-2011 21:03 1.2K Git-Go Blues.mid 19-Apr-2015 12:16 1.3K Jo Jo Calypso.mid 29-Jun-2014 16:16 1.4K For Minors Only.mid 25-Aug-2015 10:10 1.4K Gerkin For Perkin.mid 11-Aug-2013 21:09 1.4K Hold 'em Joe.mid 15-Mar-2016 15:08 1.5K Frankie & Johnny.mid 19-Sep-2011 18:44 1.5K Gloria's Step.mid 17-Mar-2014 18:50 1.6K Lady Bird.mid 11-Mar-2014 21:34 1.6K The Outlaw.mid 01-Apr-2015 16:40 1.6K Brazilica.mid 10-Jul-2014 23:47 1.6K After Fact.mid 11-Jun-2014 10:41 1.6K Hot House.mid 07-Dec-2013 22:22 1.7K Grand Central.mid 17-Mar-2014 20:40 1.8K Effendi.mid 09-Feb-2014 13:39 1.8K Moment's Notice.mid 04-Apr-2015 16:11 1.9K Desire.mid 09-May-2014 17:30 1.9K Blue Silver Tune.mid 01-Nov-2014 15:13 1.9K Song1.mid 14-Oct-2016 15:42 1.9K Delilah.mid 29-Oct-2014 14:43 2.0K Albatross.mid 08-Oct-2013 15:58 2.0K Heat Wave.mid 11-Apr-2015 17:36 2.2K Arriving Soon Tune.mid 19-Jan-2015 14:45 2.3K Asa.mid 25-Jan-2015 12:19 2.3K Big Bear.mid 08-Dec-2016 23:44 2.3K Quicksilver.mid 15-Apr-2014 14:01 2.4K Blues In The Closet-Tune.mid 16-Dec-2010 23:22 2.6K Mosaic.mid 26-Aug-2015 14:25 2.7K Pensativa.mid 26-May-2016 14:53 2.7K Pfrancing.mid 28-Mar-2011 16:03 2.7K Gloomy Sunday.mid 20-Aug-2016 21:51 2.7K Luiza.mid 29-Jun-2014 12:04 2.8K Katherine.mid 11-Feb-2014 15:07 2.8K Ray's Idea.mid 08-Jan-2011 01:06 2.8K Doxy.mid 26-Mar-2016 20:22 2.9K The Windmills Of Your Mind.mid 11-Jun-2015 16:29 3.5K Cool Eyes.mid 27-Aug-2014 15:37 3.5K Del Sasser tune.MID 04-Nov-2015 22:22 3.5K Blues On The Corner.mid 01-Sep-2016 14:12 3.8K It Happens Every Day.mid 28-Jul-2015 16:25 4.0K Boogie Down.mid 18-Feb-2015 15:30 4.1K Wrap Up Your Troubles In Dreams-stride.mid 16-Feb-2016 20:28 4.2K From Within.mid 26-Mar-2016 15:48 4.3K Water Sign.mid 02-Feb-2014 15:57 4.3K Strange Fruit.mid 24-Apr-2017 12:32 4.3K Both Sides Now.mid 16-May-2016 14:26 4.4K tin1.MID 29-Oct-2013 11:58 4.6K tin2.mid 29-Oct-2013 12:28 4.6K Maiden Voyage.mid 30-Dec-2014 11:20 4.7K New York State Of Mind.mid 22-Jan-2014 16:48 4.9K Smooth.mid 05-Jun-2015 15:41 5.1K Sabor.mid 22-May-2014 14:27 5.4K Gaviota1.mid 24-Feb-2014 12:31 5.4K Picadillo.mid 26-Feb-2018 13:19 5.8K Do It To It.mid 04-Sep-2015 14:47 6.0K Tiny Capers Tune.mid 20-Mar-2016 13:01 6.8K Branford Marsalis - Mo Better Blues.mid 03-Jun-2008 15:17 7.0K Chili Peppers.mid 20-Mar-2015 16:53 7.1K Manteca.mid 05-Dec-2015 16:46 7.1K The Sidewinder.mid 11-Jul-2013 15:33 7.1K Autumn Leaves.mid 08-May-2017 17:33 7.5K In The Evening.mid 14-Mar-2008 11:40 8.0K Unsquare Dance.mid 15-Jun-2017 23:16 8.5K Contradanza.mid 14-May-2016 19:26 8.5K Mo Better Blues.mid 16-Jul-2013 16:33 8.9K Holy Land Piano.mid 27-Apr-2018 13:52 9.1K The Meaning Of The Blues.mid 21-Apr-2014 11:49 9.4K Cal's On.mid 09-May-2016 15:21 9.5K Mamacita Melody.mid 19-Dec-2014 14:43 9.6K Dance Of Anitra.MID 12-Jun-2010 01:21 10K youareso.mid 16-Sep-2010 14:21 10K Battle Hymn.MID 23-Aug-2009 17:15 11K Guarare.mid 01-Aug-2014 14:15 11K preacher.MID 09-Jun-2008 11:06 11K Sit Down Servant.mid 07-May-2016 12:36 11K El Gaucho.mid 14-Feb-2014 19:00 11K My Aphrodisiac3.mid 04-Jan-2012 21:58 12K Stormy Wheather.mid 09-Oct-2015 21:15 12K chili_peppers.mid 23-May-2016 17:47 13K My Aphrodisiac Is You 2.mid 19-Jul-2013 15:07 13K baantjer.mid 07-May-2011 00:40 13K NewYorkStateOfMind.mid 11-Jun-2008 10:32 14K Doom.mid 21-Oct-2017 22:26 14K Black And Blue 2.mid 09-Jul-2008 09:19 15K The Entertanr.mid 29-Oct-2009 20:10 16K bagsgroove.mid 15-Feb-2010 23:48 16K Steps of Trane.mid 25-Oct-2017 13:15 17K Air Bach.MID 25-Feb-2015 12:29 17K Freedom Sound melody.mid 27-Aug-2015 14:58 17K That Ole Devil Called Love.mid 15-Jun-2015 11:42 17K Worksong.MID 09-Jun-2008 11:04 18K Route66.MID 09-Jun-2008 10:55 18K whenjohnnycomes.mid 22-May-2008 12:11 19K Smada.mid 21-Jun-2015 11:36 19K MyFunnyValentine.MID 09-Jun-2008 11:03 19K IrememberClifford.MID 09-Jun-2008 10:54 19K Chicken.MID 09-Jun-2008 11:01 19K Samba Triste.mid 11-Jun-2016 11:51 19K Night Mist Blues.mid 31-Jan-2017 14:39 20K In A Sentimental Mood.mid 11-Jun-2017 12:04 20K thereisnogreaterlove.mid 11-Jun-2008 10:49 21K Wrap Up Your Troubles In Dreams.MID 27-Jan-2010 16:46 22K Blues A La Carte.mid 02-Apr-2015 13:08 22K The Lady Sings The Blues.mid 19-Apr-2017 15:41 22K JORDU.MID 17-Sep-2012 14:30 23K All Right, Ok, You Win.mid 14-Mar-2008 11:45 23K sunshower piano.mid 27-Dec-2017 14:13 23K CryMeARiver.mid 29-Aug-2008 12:08 23K Baantjer Theme.mid 25-Jul-2015 12:59 24K Fleetwood_Mac-Albatross.mid 07-Oct-2013 16:43 24K watermel.mid 26-Jun-2008 11:05 24K Evidence - Thelonious Monk.mid 21-Jan-2008 09:31 25K up_where_we_belong.mid 11-Jun-2008 10:38 25K Nocturne Eb Chopin.MID 12-Jun-2010 01:03 25K CC Rider.mid 14-Mar-2008 11:38 25K Wildflower.mid 30-Mar-2014 14:26 25K The Rubber Man.mid 18-Nov-2018 15:53 26K Dawn On The Desert.mid 29-Apr-2018 16:23 26K The Mooch.mid 30-Oct-2017 16:54 26K Blues For Junior.mid 16-Jun-2017 13:19 26K BlackOrpheus.mid 09-Jun-2008 10:58 26K Cool Struttin'.mid 29-Feb-2016 16:45 26K Loose Bloose.mid 23-Oct-2015 11:07 26K Vierd Blues.mid 31-Mar-2015 15:09 27K S.K.J.mid 04-Feb-2016 14:49 27K Einbahnstrasse.mid 21-Oct-2017 20:49 27K Crawdad Song.MID 23-Aug-2009 18:41 27K One For My Baby.mid 21-Apr-2015 16:42 27K Pfrancing-acc.mid 28-Mar-2011 17:13 27K I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire.mid 21-Feb-2010 00:03 27K Your Mind Is On Vacation.mid 13-Jun-2015 19:30 27K Back Home Blues.mid 25-Oct-2016 19:46 28K Shifting Down.mid 25-Sep-2016 13:00 28K Do You Know A Good Thing When You See One.mid 27-Oct-2017 22:20 28K The Entertainer.MID 03-Nov-2009 19:03 28K Impressions2.MID 09-Jun-2008 11:03 28K Black And Blue.mid 09-Jul-2008 09:18 28K rm.mid 24-Jul-2001 18:50 28K Ask Me Now.mid 24-Apr-2015 16:40 28K Please Send Me Someone To Love.mid 20-Mar-2015 14:14 29K Small Day Tomorrow.mid 25-Feb-2017 16:06 29K Doodlin'.mid 26-Apr-2017 13:39 29K New_York_State_of_Mind.mid 09-May-2008 16:10 29K Sing A Song Of Song.mid 07-Mar-2016 23:20 29K Django Tune.mid 06-Nov-2012 17:04 29K Blue Silver.mid 15-May-2016 00:00 29K Black & Tan Fantasy.mid 24-Jun-2015 13:29 30K Concorde.mid 01-Oct-2013 14:11 30K BruceSpringsteen-TheRiver.mid 17-Mar-2008 13:44 30K cumnhome.mid 24-Jun-2008 11:06 30K Reflections.mid 21-Aug-2015 18:38 30K Sweet Sucker.mid 07-Mar-2017 15:29 30K Confirmation - acc.mid 21-Mar-2016 23:24 30K the_windmills_of_your_mind_jhall.mid 10-Jul-2010 00:53 30K Soul Eyes.mid 09-Dec-2016 12:18 30K Dejection Blues.mid 03-Jul-2018 16:15 30K loverman.mid 14-Sep-2009 15:57 30K Born To Be Blue.mid 08-Jul-2016 14:29 31K Centerpiece.mid 04-Feb-2016 14:52 31K A Sunday Kind Of Love.mid 28-Apr-2017 18:49 31K Idle Moments.mid 30-Sep-2017 15:22 31K django-mjq.mid 25-Sep-2009 20:42 31K Cutie Pie.mid 27-Sep-2017 11:01 31K Worksong1.mid 29-Dec-2009 15:22 32K The Peacocks.mid 30-Nov-2017 15:30 32K Cedar's Blues.mid 03-Dec-2014 11:00 32K At Last.mid 02-Jun-2017 20:22 32K A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square.mid 03-Jun-2015 21:44 32K JohnMayer_Waiting-on-the-world-to-change.mid 26-Apr-2011 19:37 32K Freddie Freeloader.mid 25-May-2016 11:54 32K Meditation.MID 09-Jun-2008 10:59 33K impressions.mid 28-Apr-2008 15:02 33K Light Blue.mid 02-Dec-2015 15:36 33K Connie's Blues.mid 01-Dec-2017 10:24 33K Jacky-Ing.mid 25-Apr-2016 21:56 33K Misterioso.mid 23-Mar-2015 19:52 33K Hackensack - Thelonious Monk.mid 21-Jan-2008 09:29 34K Bop.mid 01-Jul-2014 10:43 34K High Seas.mid 10-Dec-2016 14:25 34K CC Rider 2.mid 14-Mar-2008 11:47 34K Epistrophy - Thelonious Monk.Mid 21-Jan-2008 09:31 34K Nothin' But The Blues.mid 14-Mar-2008 11:07 34K Oleo.mid 04-Oct-2017 15:04 34K Velho Piano.mid 23-May-2014 11:18 34K Moanin'.mid 16-May-2015 21:06 34K Something Cute.mid 18-Jul-2016 14:42 34K A Child Is Born.mid 18-Dec-2017 12:08 35K Kelly Blue.mid 12-Sep-2015 15:53 35K Minor Funk.mid 28-Nov-2017 22:53 35K Bemsha Swing.mid 24-Apr-2015 16:55 35K Billies Bounce.mid 14-Mar-2008 11:46 35K Bye-ya.mid 12-Nov-2015 12:10 35K One For Daddy-O.mid 23-Apr-2015 14:55 35K Do What You Wanna.mid 07-Nov-2017 15:39 35K Come On Home.mid 09-Sep-2017 16:18 35K Squatty Roo.mid 13-Dec-2018 17:24 35K Minor Blues Bob Brookmeyer.mid 28-Jun-2015 15:03 36K Milano.mid 30-Mar-2015 12:40 36K KillerJoe.MID 09-Jun-2008 11:06 36K Cantabile.mid 18-May-2014 14:45 36K Back Door.mid 15-Nov-2017 14:42 36K Green Chimneys.mid 25-Mar-2017 15:24 37K Everything Happens To Me.mid 30-May-2015 11:39 37K mamatoldme.mid 31-Oct-2010 13:14 37K Rachid.mid 19-Aug-2015 20:43 37K Nice People.mid 29-Jan-2016 15:48 37K Surgery.mid 02-Jan-2016 13:07 37K 502 Blues.mid 13-Apr-2015 10:19 37K Blues Five Spot.mid 01-Oct-2015 16:16 37K Bolivia.mid 22-Jun-2015 15:21 37K Blues For Bohemia.mid 16-Jan-2017 15:19 37K In Walked Bud - Thelonious Monk.Mid 21-Jan-2008 09:31 38K Nutty.mid 04-Aug-2015 23:39 38K Moondance.MID 11-Aug-2017 12:29 38K My Aphrodisiac Is You.mid 23-Jan-2016 17:07 38K Another Time.mid 04-Jun-2016 12:25 38K Off Minor.mid 03-Oct-2015 13:25 38K The Double Up.mid 19-Aug-2015 18:08 38K Sugar.mid 28-Jun-2017 15:16 38K Undecided.mid 03-Aug-2015 16:20 38K Ow!-acc.MID 18-Sep-2011 14:10 38K Jeep's Blues.mid 16-Apr-2014 14:48 38K Brilliant Corners.mid 19-Oct-2017 14:40 38K UseMe_BillWithers.mid 26-Mar-2008 14:18 39K Think Of One.mid 05-Sep-2016 13:19 39K Midnight Blue.mid 23-Dec-2014 10:05 39K Blues In A-Minor.mid 25-Sep-2016 13:12 39K Swedish Schnapps.mid 15-Nov-2015 12:06 39K Ow!.mid 18-Sep-2011 13:42 39K YardbirdSuite.MID 09-Jun-2008 10:57 39K Boplicity.mid 01-Nov-2015 23:22 39K The Preacher.mid 09-Jun-2016 15:12 39K Criss-Cross.mid 29-Jul-2015 13:59 39K A Walking Thing.mid 24-Apr-2015 10:11 39K The Chase.mid 14-May-2014 21:22 39K I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire 2.mid.Mid 21-Feb-2010 00:06 39K Hocus Pocus.mid 14-Aug-2013 13:50 39K Via Con Me.mid 19-Apr-2015 23:52 40K Tenor Conclave.mid 09-Dec-2017 21:54 40K Condition Blue.mid 15-Sep-2017 12:16 40K Wabash Blues.mid 11-Jun-2015 10:32 40K Senor Blues.mid 08-Mar-2017 12:31 40K Evidence.mid 02-Oct-2015 15:44 40K Waltz For Debbie.mid 15-Mar-2017 16:51 40K Moe' Joe.mid 03-Oct-2015 18:33 40K Alardoso.mid 06-Jan-2014 16:13 40K Ain't No Sunshine.mid 29-Mar-2014 17:31 41K C.T.A.mid 05-Apr-2017 15:20 41K Chick's Tune.mid 06-Oct-2016 15:52 41K Tenor Madness.mid 17-Mar-2016 17:12 41K Boppin' A Riff.mid 15-Apr-2015 12:05 41K Tour De Force.mid 30-Oct-2015 16:01 41K Theme From MASH.mid 08-Oct-2016 17:17 41K The Thumper.mid 28-Jan-2016 14:27 41K Jitterbug Waltz.mid 29-Jun-2014 15:54 41K Walkin'.mid 15-Dec-2015 20:02 41K Ceora.mid 07-Jul-2016 22:48 41K Bluesology Bob .MID 07-Jul-2013 14:19 41K The Late, Late Blues.mid 09-Dec-2015 14:59 41K Bluesology.mid 26-Apr-2018 12:07 41K Tetragon.mid 16-Dec-2012 00:18 41K I Love Being Here With You.mid 17-Jan-2014 14:23 41K Let's Cool One.mid 11-Jan-2011 21:49 42K A Song For You.mid 17-Apr-2016 00:19 42K In The Heat Of The Night.mid 09-Dec-2013 22:36 42K I Love Being Here With You .MID 30-May-2013 16:21 42K Confirmation + Solo Bob.mid 21-Mar-2016 17:44 42K One Foot In The Gutter.mid 16-Dec-2013 15:53 42K Toy.mid 30-Mar-2014 13:00 42K Five.mid 05-Oct-2017 22:05 42K Jump Monk.mid 28-Feb-2014 12:12 42K Dark Eyes.mid 08-Mar-2017 15:34 42K Tiny Capers.mid 20-Mar-2016 13:09 42K Nardis.mid 30-Jan-2017 14:18 42K Peter Gunn Theme.mid 20-Jan-2010 18:46 42K The Blues Walk.mid 06-Jun-2014 18:57 43K Hanky Panky.mid 18-Apr-2016 23:47 43K Dexter Digs In.mid 14-Apr-2016 14:31 43K Here's That Rainy Day.mid 13-Feb-2014 14:52 43K Brother, Can You Spare A Dime.mid 25-Jun-2016 16:03 43K Dance Of The Infidels.mid 04-Dec-2016 17:43 43K Juicy Lucy.mid 25-Aug-2015 12:10 43K Dahomey Dance.mid 11-Jun-2016 18:33 43K E.S.P.mid 07-Feb-2014 14:06 43K Dolphin Dance.mid 03-Apr-2017 17:57 43K Settin' The Pace.mid 14-Apr-2016 20:27 43K Epistrophy-acc.mid 22-Oct-2011 17:00 43K Body And Soul.mid 14-Dec-2012 23:58 43K Lemon Drop.mid 14-Oct-2013 20:41 43K One Finger Snap.mid 04-Nov-2013 17:13 43K Milestones Miles Davis.mid 01-Jun-2016 12:44 43K Tom Cat.mid 24-Apr-2016 21:10 43K Blues For Choo Loos.mid 05-Feb-2016 20:51 44K Orange Ashtray.mid 12-Sep-2015 13:04 44K I'll Tell You Tonite.mid 27-Feb-2016 15:46 44K Wee Dot.mid 10-Jun-2015 17:23 44K Shuffle Boil.mid 12-Apr-2016 15:12 44K Groovus Mentus.mid 26-Jun-2015 11:05 44K Four.mid 11-Apr-2014 18:05 44K Blues March.mid 17-Aug-2013 13:40 44K Just The Two Of Us.mid 12-Aug-2016 11:41 44K Thelonious.mid 11-Apr-2016 17:41 44K Beautiful Love.mid 23-Aug-2014 21:50 45K Dexter's Minor Mad.mid 15-Apr-2016 17:11 45K Another Day.mid 22-Dec-2015 16:32 45K Basie English.mid 11-Jun-2017 11:54 45K The Theme.mid 05-Mar-2015 12:17 45K Salt Peanuts.mid 24-Sep-2014 14:30 45K Freight Trane.mid 03-Jul-2015 15:32 45K 111-44.mid 14-Apr-2017 15:59 45K Fried Bananas.mid 27-Apr-2014 16:27 45K Devil May Care.mid 13-Feb-2014 21:45 45K Is That So.mid 14-Dec-2016 13:29 45K Fine And Mellow.MID 22-Sep-2013 13:52 45K Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise.mid 14-Aug-2016 00:37 45K Moondance1.mid 20-Jan-2010 18:46 45K Sack Of Woe.mid 03-Aug-2015 16:23 45K Blues In The Night.mid 04-Oct-2015 16:03 45K Budo.mid 08-Feb-2014 22:13 45K Golden Earrings.MID 23-Mar-2012 18:00 45K Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues Are.mid 04-Aug-2015 14:25 46K If I Were A Bell.mid 25-Feb-2014 14:47 46K Speedball.mid 06-Dec-2016 15:06 46K Lover Man.mid 15-Jul-2014 11:43 46K Along Came Betty.mid 06-Mar-2016 14:26 46K Jump Monk.MID 29-Mar-2017 12:46 46K Blues For Alice.mid 20-Jan-2015 12:44 46K Night Life.mid 26-Nov-2016 14:37 46K Three And One.mid 06-Feb-2014 22:04 46K Biji.mid 28-Dec-2015 15:02 46K Some Other Blues.mid 06-Apr-2014 12:31 46K jorge_ben_jor_mais_que_nada.mid 23-May-2010 00:11 46K Winding River.mid 23-Jan-2015 10:19 46K Hi Fly.mid 17-Jan-2016 15:32 46K Straight, No Chaser.mid 07-Jun-2015 15:04 46K You Must Believe In Spring.mid 06-Jun-2015 14:28 47K Killer Joe.mid 26-Apr-2015 13:44 47K Philly Twist.mid 16-Dec-2014 15:12 47K Peri's Scope.mid 26-Aug-2016 15:23 47K Bitter-Sweet.mid 07-May-2014 16:16 47K Cascades.mid 13-Sep-2016 23:31 47K Groovin' High Bob alt.mid 12-Jan-2012 20:44 47K Groovin' High split.mid 08-May-2015 21:28 47K Groovin' High Bob.mid 09-Oct-2012 17:36 47K Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home.mid 30-Apr-2015 13:42 47K Sambacide.mid 01-Aug-2015 16:05 47K Confirmation Bob.mid 07-Feb-2015 20:36 47K Stablemates.mid 21-Nov-2017 12:27 47K Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West.mid 28-Mar-2017 19:12 47K Now's The Time.mid 16-Jan-2014 22:09 47K A Foggy Day.mid 25-Feb-2015 12:32 47K Minor League.mid 30-Nov-2016 11:28 47K Holy Land.mid 17-Jan-2016 15:30 48K Django Bob.mid 19-Jul-2016 23:07 48K Not Really The Blues.mid 08-Apr-2015 17:54 48K Au Privave.mid 11-Oct-2017 15:02 48K Dexterity.mid 02-Mar-2014 11:53 48K Cousin Mary.mid 11-Jan-2014 12:14 48K Filthy McNasty .MID 16-Sep-2013 20:17 48K Filthy McNasty.MID 27-Jul-2015 11:02 48K byebyeblues.mid 21-Oct-2008 12:35 48K Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.mid 30-Aug-2017 17:47 48K Freedom Sound.mid 03-Nov-2014 12:04 48K Five Spot After Dark.mid 29-May-2014 22:13 48K Barbados.MID 23-Nov-2013 00:39 48K Little Waltz.mid 06-Nov-2015 15:35 49K Easy Street.mid 17-Mar-2014 15:39 49K Blowin' The Blues Away.mid 26-Oct-2016 20:29 49K Blue Monk Bob.mid 16-Sep-2012 18:10 49K That's Right.mid 02-Dec-2014 20:39 49K Nature Boy.mid 17-Feb-2015 11:23 49K In Walked Bud.mid 23-May-2015 12:48 49K feeling_alright.mid 06-Oct-2009 20:54 49K Fragile.mid 19-Sep-2016 23:06 49K Little Rootie Tootie.mid 11-Mar-2015 14:33 49K Cottontail.mid 19-Jul-2015 14:26 49K Song For Maura.mid 11-Sep-2015 23:18 49K Mack The Knife.mid 25-Apr-2015 23:44 49K Jessica's Day.mid 20-Mar-2016 12:38 49K Eternal Triangle.mid 19-Apr-2014 16:56 50K Bacchanal.mid 09-Jul-2014 15:00 50K AJ-since_i_fell.mid 01-Oct-2009 14:20 50K Place St Henri.mid 14-Dec-2016 23:34 50K Out Of Nowhere.mid 16-Mar-2014 15:36 50K Bernie's Tune.mid 28-Mar-2014 14:59 50K Joy Spring.mid 25-Feb-2014 16:24 50K Yesterdays.mid 27-Feb-2015 17:43 50K Crystal Love.mid 23-Jun-2015 14:31 50K Hackensack Bob.mid 12-Apr-2014 12:56 50K Pretty Eyes.mid 08-May-2016 17:59 50K Lester Leaps In.mid 08-Jan-2015 12:38 50K Jive Samba.mid 25-Jul-2016 22:12 50K For Kasia.mid 20-Apr-2017 14:51 50K Arriving Soon.mid 12-Jan-2017 21:09 51K De Camino A La Vereda.mid 30-Dec-2013 23:47 51K Spinning Wheel.mid 27-Apr-2015 20:49 51K Solar.mid 13-Jun-2014 14:34 51K Minor Blues Charlie Shavers.mid 19-Feb-2016 15:48 51K Driftin'.mid 24-Feb-2015 20:24 51K Pent Up House.mid 01-Jul-2015 21:58 51K Mexican Hip Dance.mid 08-Jan-2015 12:33 51K Good Bait.mid 05-Apr-2016 15:35 51K I Mean You.mid 01-Sep-2015 16:54 51K Cakewalk.mid 27-Dec-2014 14:56 51K Chi Chi.mid 08-Dec-2013 17:46 51K The Golden Striker.mid 16-Mar-2013 19:47 51K Lulu Is Back In Town.MID 05-Jun-2013 14:14 51K Soft Winds.mid 30-Jan-2014 12:05 51K Moonrays.mid 15-Jun-2014 00:28 51K So Sorry Please.mid 13-Apr-2014 21:06 52K Stolen Moments.mid 24-Feb-2016 14:45 52K Funkallero.mid 27-May-2015 20:42 52K ms.mid 24-Jul-2001 18:50 52K Minority.mid 14-Oct-2013 20:39 52K Pent Up House .MID 01-Jul-2015 21:57 52K I Guess I Ain't Got The Blues.mid 28-Sep-2017 15:35 52K Unit 7.mid 04-Nov-2015 14:32 52K Cute.mid 02-May-2014 16:34 52K Inchworm.mid 09-Mar-2015 23:01 52K Hallucinations.mid 18-Mar-2014 18:18 52K I Guess I Ain't Got The Blues split.mid 06-Jan-2018 12:05 52K Parking Lot Blues.mid 22-Nov-2015 16:36 52K wrapyour.mid 27-Jan-2010 16:38 52K Harlem Nocturne.mid 17-Jan-2016 15:38 52K Mumbles.mid 28-Jul-2017 16:00 52K Yardbird Suite.mid 06-Apr-2014 14:06 52K Epistrophy 1.mid 23-Oct-2011 02:41 53K Cold Duck Time.mid 30-Apr-2014 21:59 53K Autumn Leaves Bob.mid 17-May-2016 12:08 53K Chitlins Con Carne.mid 02-Oct-2014 11:45 53K Wade In The Water.mid 09-Nov-2017 12:22 53K Undecidd.mid 02-Oct-2008 12:09 53K Shaw 'Nuff Bob.mid 26-Jul-2016 11:05 53K Night Dreamer.mid 28-Jul-2016 12:25 53K Eclypso.mid 10-May-2014 00:38 53K Birk's Works.mid 14-Apr-2016 20:33 53K Five Hundred Miles High.mid 14-Oct-2017 18:18 53K Windmill.mid 10-Jul-2010 00:56 53K Epistrop[1].mid 16-Jan-2014 23:20 53K birdland.mid 22-May-2008 12:59 53K OneNoteS.mid 03-Nov-2008 11:48 53K Delaunay's Dilemma.mid 18-Nov-2013 18:02 53K Blues For Sarka.mid 08-Apr-2017 17:29 54K Lulu's Back In Town.MID 05-Jun-2013 15:12 54K So What.mid 06-Aug-2015 10:59 54K All Blues.mid 23-Apr-2016 14:31 54K Gravy Waltz.mid 16-Dec-2016 15:46 54K diavolo.mid 23-Feb-2013 16:44 54K Milestones John Lewis.mid 14-Jun-2017 13:24 54K Desert Moonlight.mid 21-Apr-2014 21:05 54K Two Bass Hit.mid 25-Jan-2014 13:40 54K Afternoon In Paris.mid 30-Sep-2015 18:23 54K The Old Country Bob.mid 26-Jan-2012 16:10 54K Alone Together.mid 17-Jun-2017 11:18 54K Bright Mississippi.mid 04-Oct-2015 10:42 54K Reunion Blues.mid 11-Aug-2015 15:09 54K Caribbean Nights.mid 25-Jun-2015 16:12 54K Bohemia After Dark.mid 13-Apr-2015 13:14 55K You've Done It Again.mid 31-Jul-2015 16:22 55K wonderwall.mid 08-Sep-2010 23:51 55K Woody 'n You.mid 21-Apr-2015 20:32 56K Gdansk.mid 26-Mar-2014 23:01 56K Rhythm A Ning.mid 18-Oct-2014 17:53 56K Bemba Colora.mid 03-Oct-2014 10:17 56K Scrapple From The Apple.mid 03-Jun-2015 21:04 56K Bebop Irishman.mid 16-Apr-2015 10:24 56K Tricotism.mid 20-Dec-2013 18:05 57K Round Midnight.mid 07-May-2017 17:07 57K Topsy.mid 19-Jul-2014 14:40 57K After Hours.mid 20-Jul-2015 18:14 57K Bluesology .MID 24-Sep-2012 18:15 57K Blues In H.mid 09-Oct-2017 16:55 58K Tough Talk.mid 19-Jun-2018 19:32 58K Work Song.MID 25-Apr-2013 17:42 58K Fables Of Faubus.mid 21-Aug-2015 15:39 58K Dial S For Sonny.mid 27-Jul-2015 14:38 58K Eronel .MID 14-Sep-2014 14:07 58K K.C. Blues.mid 29-Sep-2017 14:56 58K Fifty-Second Street Theme.mid 29-May-2014 15:13 58K Mr. PC.mid 17-Aug-2015 16:18 59K Bags' Groove.MID 09-Jul-2013 17:02 59K Cry Me A River.mid 06-May-2016 23:38 59K Tough Talk .MID 19-Jun-2018 13:53 59K Abracadabra.mid 18-Jan-2017 12:01 59K Swing Street.mid 28-Feb-2017 15:46 59K Sandu.mid 16-Jan-2014 15:36 59K Like Sonny.mid 05-Apr-2014 16:01 60K Harlem Nocturne .mid 17-Jan-2016 15:39 60K Eronel.mid 14-Sep-2014 15:03 60K I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl.mid 03-Nov-2015 00:09 60K The Gringo.mid 15-Mar-2016 12:06 60K Soul Bossa Nova.mid 16-Jan-2016 16:39 61K Bouncin' With Bud.mid 24-Feb-2013 22:24 61K Dat Dere.mid 15-Mar-2014 14:29 61K Another Kind Of Soul.mid 06-Oct-2015 21:22 61K Boomerang.mid 28-Aug-2015 13:06 61K Liar.mid 09-Jul-2012 20:55 61K Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Funk).mid 30-Apr-2012 17:00 61K Invitation.mid 04-Oct-2014 12:37 62K Summertime.mid 31-Aug-2015 14:19 62K Move.mid 30-Jun-2015 12:49 62K The Hardbop Grandpop.mid 12-Oct-2013 23:28 62K Tune 88.mid 19-Apr-2014 21:07 63K Temperance.mid 16-Jul-2015 16:25 63K Home Cookin'.mid 02-Oct-2016 21:01 63K Epistrophy.mid 10-Jul-2013 15:30 63K Eighty One.mid 14-Feb-2014 16:20 63K Strut Time.mid 12-Dec-2014 10:49 63K Daahoud-acc.MID 13-Oct-2014 11:12 63K Ecaroh.mid 11-Jan-2015 15:01 63K Funk In Deep Freeze.mid 11-Dec-2015 14:27 64K Mahjong.mid 26-Sep-2016 23:33 64K Blue Turning Grey Over You.mid 03-Dec-2016 15:36 64K Watermelon Man.mid 12-Jan-2016 22:18 64K YardBrdG.MID 16-Feb-2010 00:02 64K Jeaninne.mid 12-Feb-2015 15:35 64K The African Queen.mid 22-Sep-2016 15:02 64K Ow !.mid 10-Oct-2012 23:59 64K Alto-Itis.mid 13-Dec-2015 14:30 64K Ol' Man Rebop.mid 08-Jun-2015 12:43 64K The Jody Grind.mid 11-Feb-2017 23:23 65K St Thomas.mid 08-Jun-2014 14:51 65K Cantaloupe Island.mid 03-Mar-2017 17:43 65K Lullaby Of The Leaves.MID 17-Feb-2014 14:57 65K Blues In The Closet.mid 27-Sep-2015 13:38 65K Keith Emerson - Honky tonk Train Blues (mh).mid 14-Jun-2010 22:48 65K Big Bertha.mid 24-Apr-2015 11:46 65K Funky Bunky.mid 17-Dec-2013 17:53 65K Minor Trouble.mid 14-Aug-2015 22:35 65K Bilongo.mid 21-Jul-2014 22:07 66K A Night In Tunisia.mid 28-Apr-2017 22:14 66K Mo' Better Blues.mid 19-Aug-2014 21:30 66K My Mama Told Me So.mid 14-Mar-2016 19:30 66K Favela.mid 30-May-2015 12:00 67K La Vida Feliz.mid 08-Jan-2015 12:55 67K New York Attitude.mid 23-Sep-2014 16:32 67K Wave.mid 11-Jun-2015 15:19 67K Bebop.mid 16-Oct-2015 00:14 68K Django-acc.mid 19-Jun-2010 21:49 68K Daahoud Bob.mid 24-Mar-2015 16:45 68K Bel Aire.mid 20-Apr-2015 19:26 68K Utopia.mid 29-Mar-2014 23:23 68K On Green Dolphin Street.mid 29-Jul-2016 10:36 68K Big P.mid 03-Apr-2015 10:51 68K Well, You Needn't.mid 21-Jul-2015 16:34 69K Safari.mid 24-Jul-2016 18:42 69K Velas.mid 06-Mar-2014 16:22 69K Slow Freight.mid 06-May-2018 20:18 69K Whisper Not.mid 10-Jun-2013 20:14 69K Ana Maria.mid 01-Jan-2015 12:46 69K The Chess Players.mid 30-May-2016 15:37 69K Little Sunflower.mid 05-Mar-2018 14:40 70K One Note Samba.mid 12-Jul-2014 17:22 70K Delevans.mid 27-Jul-2014 16:47 70K Del Sasser.mid 04-Nov-2015 22:06 70K CDC.mid 27-Sep-2017 14:23 71K I Wish I Knew.mid 10-Feb-2013 17:06 71K Seven Steps To Heaven.mid 24-Jul-2016 14:37 71K Partido Alto.mid 14-Aug-2014 15:45 71K Morning Sprite.mid 12-Dec-2013 14:25 71K Una Mas.mid 27-Apr-2015 18:42 71K Birdland .mid 27-Mar-2011 15:55 71K The Gigolo.mid 04-Aug-2017 11:26 71K Brown & Blue.mid 20-Jun-2015 11:02 72K Caravan.mid 21-Mar-2016 23:52 72K Joanne Julia.mid 11-Mar-2015 11:18 72K Closing Time.mid 23-Feb-2016 23:41 72K Comin' Home Baby.mid 07-Jan-2013 18:54 72K Aguardiente De Cana.mid 15-Dec-2015 22:53 73K Buster Rides Again.mid 09-Jan-2016 15:44 73K Opus De Funk.mid 08-Apr-2015 11:32 73K Valeria.mid 18-Oct-2015 14:46 73K Liar Jazz.MID 10-Feb-2015 17:07 73K Groove Merchant.mid 20-Nov-2013 16:49 74K Dizzy Atmosphere.mid 03-Apr-2015 14:56 74K Compared To What.mid 10-Oct-2016 20:20 75K Jamaica Farewell.mid 10-Jul-2015 12:19 75K Funky Cha-Cha.mid 11-Oct-2018 15:50 75K Salsa Picante.mid 04-Jun-2015 13:12 75K All Or Nothing At All.mid 09-Oct-2017 16:49 76K Samba De Verão.mid 12-Jul-2014 14:24 76K Guachi Guaro.mid 09-May-2014 10:56 76K The In-Crowd.mid 29-May-2015 11:24 76K Mamblues.mid 17-Feb-2017 11:13 76K Calypso.mid 08-Jul-2014 16:52 76K Blue Bossa.mid 14-Jul-2014 12:15 77K Minor Mood.mid 21-Sep-2014 20:59 77K Spooky.mid 28-Dec-2017 18:21 77K Lester Left Town.mid 07-Apr-2015 13:22 78K Serenade To A Cuckoo.mid 01-Jul-2015 10:32 78K Equinox.mid 25-Jan-2015 15:50 78K Gemini0.mid 14-Oct-2014 10:57 78K Nostalgia.mid 12-Mar-2015 12:10 78K Con Alma.mid 29-Jun-2017 13:01 78K Last Nite.mid 14-May-2014 16:32 78K Island Birdie.mid 04-Oct-2014 12:21 78K Slow Drag.mid 09-Jun-2017 21:05 78K Anthropology.mid 30-Mar-2015 23:24 79K Come Candela.mid 01-Jan-2014 17:13 79K Obsession.mid 08-Apr-2015 16:23 80K birdland2.mid 04-May-2009 15:10 80K New Arrival.mid 09-Aug-2015 15:12 80K Mamacita.mid 22-May-2015 10:31 80K Things To Come.mid 18-Dec-2013 17:32 80K El Gato Triste.mid 27-Jan-2017 14:24 80K Children Of Sanchez.mid 04-Mar-2017 21:29 80K Cha-Cha-Cha.mid 25-Jan-2017 22:43 81K K.C. Blues .MID 23-Dec-2012 15:42 81K Room 608.mid 06-Apr-2016 18:52 81K Agua De Beber.mid 04-Jul-2014 21:50 81K Did You Call Her Today.mid 30-Dec-2018 15:34 81K Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover.mid 05-Mar-2015 14:30 82K Tin Tin Deo.mid 11-Jun-2015 10:26 82K Tickle Toe.mid 29-Apr-2015 13:00 82K Magic Lady.mid 06-Feb-2014 18:41 82K Cheesecake Bob.mid 23-May-2016 17:51 82K Liar 2-Time.mid 29-Dec-2012 21:43 82K Elizete.mid 06-Sep-2015 13:53 83K Jordu Bob.mid 26-Mar-2015 10:39 83K Fly With The Wind.mid 04-Oct-2014 11:53 83K Cubano Chant.mid 12-Jan-2017 16:13 84K CottonG.MID 15-Feb-2010 23:58 84K Canto De Ossanha.mid 13-Aug-2016 15:43 84K Gibraltar.mid 14-Aug-2015 17:15 84K La Comparsa.mid 07-Jul-2014 16:36 84K Flight To Jordan.mid 24-Oct-2013 16:32 85K The Tokyo Blues.mid 02-Jul-2014 19:03 85K Liar Blues Shuffle.MID 08-Dec-2012 20:13 85K Amor Verdadero.mid 24-Jun-2014 14:03 86K Gemini tune.mid 24-Jul-2015 15:16 86K Bossa De luxe.mid 27-Apr-2016 23:53 86K Sandunguera.mid 11-Mar-2014 14:59 87K Song For My Father.mid 27-Sep-2015 23:43 87K Shirley.mid 02-Nov-2016 23:51 87K Shoshana.mid 04-Jul-2015 12:44 87K Soul Time.mid 25-Jul-2015 12:52 87K Atras De Nos.mid 12-May-2015 12:15 88K Brazilian Like.mid 18-Oct-2014 12:15 88K One Mint Julep.mid 16-Dec-2013 14:52 89K Reflection.mid 18-Apr-2015 19:54 89K Bright Moments.mid 04-Nov-2017 23:44 89K Thiers' Tears.mid 06-Oct-2016 23:51 89K Flip, Flop & Fly.mid 24-Apr-2014 20:34 90K Gemini Bob.mid 24-Jul-2015 14:29 90K Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing.mid 04-Oct-2014 11:50 91K Swingin' The Samba.mid 09-Sep-2015 23:02 91K Les Grelots.mid 02-Nov-2016 11:49 91K Poinciana.mid 27-Jun-2015 12:21 92K Claudia.mid 30-Aug-2014 13:29 92K Liar Blues.MID 28-Sep-2012 00:17 93K So Danco Samba.mid 11-Oct-2016 15:28 93K Daahoud-acc Gb1.MID 16-Mar-2012 21:47 94K Quitate La Mascara.mid 28-Dec-2014 12:10 94K Criss-Cross Ray Obiedo.mid 31-Jul-2015 10:53 94K Spain.mid 28-May-2016 12:36 94K Indestructible.mid 09-Nov-2015 14:26 95K Ten Steps.mid 05-Nov-2016 12:55 95K Puerto Rico.mid 31-Aug-2014 00:10 96K Tonk Bob.mid 14-Jun-2015 15:47 98K Armageddon.mid 28-Apr-2014 16:37 98K Senor Carlos.mid 29-Oct-2014 16:00 98K Tonk.mid 07-Mar-2013 14:29 98K Bomba De Corazón.mid 29-Jul-2014 16:57 98K Tanga.mid 18-Jul-2013 20:09 98K Samba For Carmen.mid 19-Jun-2015 10:48 98K I Wish.mid 22-Jan-2017 15:21 99K Sing Me Softly Of The Blues.mid 09-Oct-2015 19:00 99K Dance Of Denial.mid 16-Jul-2014 14:01 99K Oye Como Va.mid 21-Dec-2013 15:43 99K The Lonely Ones.mid 18-Dec-2012 23:40 99K Che Che Cole.mid 25-Oct-2014 11:01 99K Human Nature.mid 01-Jun-2017 12:50 100K Guarabe.mid 21-Dec-2013 17:15 100K The Chicken.mid 02-Nov-2013 18:27 101K Sunshower.mid 27-Dec-2017 14:36 101K A Felicidade.mid 05-Aug-2017 15:56 101K Armando's Rhumba.mid 27-Sep-2017 23:37 101K Besame Mama.mid 16-Nov-2014 13:32 102K Mambo Influenciado.mid 20-Nov-2014 12:35 102K Yidishe Ma-me.mid 01-Jul-2016 11:19 103K Sister Sadie.mid 09-Sep-2015 23:29 103K The Everywhere Calypso.mid 03-Aug-2014 11:25 103K Who's Smokin'.mid 30-Jun-2016 21:31 103K Simple Samba.mid 16-Oct-2014 15:28 104K La Malanga.mid 31-Jul-2014 11:54 104K Liar Jazz.MID 19-Dec-2012 17:10 105K Samba Airto.mid 29-May-2016 15:17 106K This Masquerade.mid 20-Jan-2017 16:48 106K Adoración.mid 23-Mar-2015 11:08 106K Rockin' In Rhythm.mid 26-Dec-2012 17:08 107K Don't Know Why.mid 06-May-2016 15:43 107K Nutville.mid 09-Apr-2015 10:59 108K Oye Como Va .MID 21-Dec-2013 14:50 111K Peresina.mid 30-Aug-2016 15:32 112K Havana Strut.mid 21-Oct-2016 16:26 112K On The Beach.mid 03-Jun-2015 13:22 113K Cuban Fantasy.mid 14-Aug-2015 22:58 114K Morning2.mid 11-Aug-2017 18:51 115K Gaviota.mid 26-Feb-2014 16:53 115K The Coffee Song.mid 15-Jun-2015 12:15 116K BlackEyedPeas_Mas-que-nada.mid 23-May-2010 00:08 118K True Or False.mid 08-Nov-2015 22:16 119K Afro Blue.mid 19-Sep-2017 18:43 120K La Fiesta.mid 15-Oct-2015 17:05 121K In Blossom.mid 03-Jul-2015 15:55 122K Rhapsody in Blue.mid 11-May-2014 12:12 123K Sambita.mid 17-Oct-2014 11:03 123K Midnight Mambo.mid 19-May-2016 18:57 124K Samba Elegante.mid 19-May-2016 21:18 124K Chameleon.mid 21-Mar-2017 22:08 126K Nica's Dream.mid 12-Jul-2015 16:04 127K Guarabe0.MID 11-Apr-2014 14:51 127K No More Blues .MID 18-Jun-2016 13:14 127K Guarabe .MID 01-Dec-2013 16:00 128K whyising.mid 14-Sep-2009 15:59 137K Nica's Dream2.mid 09-Sep-2015 19:48 137K Mas Que Nada.mid 03-Jul-2017 16:57 139K No More Blues.mid 26-Mar-2015 15:46 147K Brazil.mid 06-Nov-2014 11:25 148K Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Salsa).mid 27-Dec-2014 13:44 153K Morning Bob.mid 27-Feb-2015 15:12 161K The Cape Verdean Blues.mid 16-Apr-2016 18:12 232K _RealTrack_Bass.WAV 30-Dec-2018 15:18 43M Did You Call Her Today Ben Webster_RealDrums.WAV 30-Dec-2018 15:18 86M _RealDrums.WAV 30-Dec-2018 15:18 86M _RealTrack_Guitar.WAV 30-Dec-2018 15:18 86M _RealTrack_Soloist.WAV 30-Dec-2018 15:18 86M _RealTrack_Strings.WAV 30-Dec-2018 15:18 86M